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Becky Barfield
Rebecca Barfield
CEO and Founder

Barfield Consulting, LLC was founded by Rebecca Barfield, a Chicago native with strong family roots in entrepreneurship. Becky was raised with humble, hard-working, mid-western values along with a healthy dose of Barfield hustle to keep it moving and make things happen.  Recently, Barfield Consulting LLC has been certified as a Women's Business Enterprise by Cook County.


While pursuing a Computer Science degree from DePaul University at night, Rebecca worked full-time during the day throughout her college years running various small businesses. A challenging path to follow, but one that would set the foundation that defines the core principles of this firm.


She has an extensive career spanning over 20 years that allowed her to combine her business/finance experience with her degree in Computer Science to focus on back-end Financial Systems and large ERP implementations with a global reach over many different industries.


Once reaching Senior Leadership in Corporate as a Director of Technology, she decided to turn to Consulting to round out her career and get exposure to both worlds. This provided the structure and stamina required to ramp up, keep up and execute multiple projects in different industries focusing on those priorities needed for a successful delivery. This is where she has stayed for the latter part of her career as it provides the creative, fast-paced world she thrives in. Making a contribution to an organization's stability, growth and success is the driving force behind Barfield Consulting.


Rebecca is extremely driven and passionate when it comes to her work. Needless to say is equally passionate about her personal life. Similar to her career she has many outside interests. Possessing a Black Belt in Aikido, her love for martial arts  has contributed to her mindset and discipline that she incorporates into her daily work and personal life. Throughout her Aikido training she developed a love for Triathlons and has been her sport for 10+ years, accomplishing her first full IronMan in 2014.  When she is not focused on the next big event, she is on the tennis courts improving her game, or hanging out with her close circle of family and friends.

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