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Each organization has its own complexities driven by customer and market demand that require specific attention when making any decision that creates change. Whether your business is about to execute a full end-to-end implementation of a new application,  consolidate your systems to an enterprise solution, or need a partner to assist with portfolio/program strategy, Barfield Consulting LLC offers a customized approach to meet your specific business needs.

Implementation Planning

With so many areas impacted during an implementation, it is important to identify key factors to measure success. Barfield Consulting will partner with you to clearly define those critical success factors.

Project Leadership

While executing core tasks and maintaining key artifacts needed for Project Management, we also provide Project Leadership to ensure your main goals and objectives continue to meet the overall vision and long-range plan.

Migration and Integration

Whether you are migrating from a legacy system or integrating multiple applications to a single platform. Barfield Consulting can assist with impact analysis, requirements gathering, and standardizing your data to ensure successful delivery.

Essential Project Management


If your business is in start-up mode you probably do not have the staff or funding required to ramp up the way you would like when a new project presents itself. Organization and speed are critical. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to assess, calibrate and move quickly to get your initiative coordinated and launched. We deeply understand how important new business relationships are and know those critical beginning phases are essential to your success. 

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